Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for your services?

The total cost is determined and based on several factors. These factors include: number of staff utilized for the event, number of athletes, types of services and events, and total time. Individual events on the same day are higher based on availability.

Why utilize a Certified Athletic Trainer versus an EMT/Paramedic at a competitive event?

Certified Athletic Trainers are trained to evaluate and assess sports-related injuries as well as catastrophic or life-threatening injuries. Certified Athletic Trainers are also skilled in preventative medicine such as taping, wrapping, and bracing.

Does your service include supplies?

Yes. Each staff member will be equipped with the necessary medical supplies. However, AED and other durable medical equipment will not be provided.

How much notice needs to be given for services?

Although we provide same day coverage, we encourage scheduling events as far in advance as possible.

What qualification do staff members possess?

All staff members are nationally certified by the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification, licensed by the state of Michigan, and hold current First Aid and CPR certification. All are required to maintain his/her current certification by obtaining continuing education credits.

Other than event coverage, what other services do you provide?

Services other than event coverage include:
  • Pre-participation sports physicals
  • Preventative sports performance training
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation coverage
  • Tournament and Camp coverage
  • Consultation services
  • MHSAA skinfold assessments

What happens after an athlete is injured?

After the injured athlete is evaluated by the certified athletic trainer, a decision is made as to whether it is safe for the athlete to return to play. Michigan Athletic Trainers has established quality relationships with area physicians for appropriate referral when necessary. Athlete and parent education regarding injury is a main focus of all staff members.
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